• Focused exclusively on the manufacture and distribution of first aid kits, medical and rescue material.
  • Manufactured in Spain
  • We have a wide product range in first aid kits as well as medical and rescue supplies to meet any customers request.
  • Personalised training and advice for clients given by qualified personnel.
  • Forward planning ensure us to have enough goods to meet our delivery times, by having part of our stock stored in our transport agencies warehouses, ready for being dispatch. That guarantees that in both Peninsula and Islands, the shipments arrive on time. 
  • Stock Control Prevention Plan
  • We offer different types of transport methods to meet our delivery deadlines:
    • Own vehicle fleet
    • Urgent courier service: 24 hour delivery service within the national territory. The transport company is regulated and authorised by the Ministry of Health for the transportation of medicines and sanitary material.
    • Mass transport and cold storage: for specific shipments. The company awarded quality certificate CCQI ensures the maintenance of the cooling chain from beginning to end.
  • 24 hour Service 365 days a year.
  • Product traceability: Botiquin Sans has an automated control system ensuring the traceability of all products. At any moment in time, we are able to control the expiry date of any product batch stored or delivered.
  • Specialised system for management and reporting of incidents.
  • Online order service available.