Botiquin Sans S.L. was created in 1920 to give service in the first aid kits productions to Coromina Pharmacy, located on Sans street in Barcelona from which comes its name.

Botiquin Sans was a pioneer company in Barcelona in this sector, and shortly after it expanded its business, first in Catalonia and subsequently to the rest of Spain.

Around that time, first aid kits were announced in the metro stations, at trade fairs and in the city exhibitions.

​The first emergency kits were made of wood and contained several vials with liquids produced in the Coromina's pharmacy laboratory.

Over time, and thanks to the efforts, perseverance and good service, this situation led to an increase of the sales volume, manufacturing procedures, storage,...and the pharmacy's back-room wasn't enough to cope with it. It was then, in 1997, that Botiquín Sans opened its new facilities in Sabadell allowing a large-scale manufacture.

The following 10 years saw continued growth within the market, and with great satisfaction Botiquín Sans moved in 2007 to larger facilities.