Botiquin SANS, SL is aware of the importance of quality of service and respect for the environment to lead the sector. It has therefore promoted the implementation of an Integrated Management System for Quality and Environment based on the UNE - EN ISO 9001:2008 , UNE13485 : 2003 and UNE EN- ISO 14001:2004 , enabling continuous improvement of their management to meet the needs and expectations of its customers by providing the highest quality service , while the necessary measures to protect the environment are taken.

To do this, the principles in Botiquin SANS, SL to provide the framework for the establishment of the Objectives of quality and environment are:

  • Provide quality service to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Understand, measure and analyze the level of satisfaction of our clients to exceed their expectations and ensure the growth of our company.
  • Comply with all legal requirements applicable to our services, related to the environment, customers and other stakeholders.
  • Empt the emergence of non-conformities and find measures to reduce it.
  • Promote continuous improvement to ensure the effectiveness of our management system.
  • Minimize the environmental impacts of our activities through the rational use of natural resources, efficient waste management and pollution prevention.
  • Promote the training, awareness and participation of all staff of Botiquin SANS, SL and their suppliers and customers in terms of quality and environment.
  • Conduct regular audits as a tool to evaluate the integrated system and our behavior satisfies the conditions set.
  • Facilitate the harmonization of regulations for medical devices to provide safe and effective products.

As part of the commitment of Botiquin SANS Management this policy will be spread to all levels of the company and will be available to the public and other stakeholders to promote among its workers and the public in general, the culture of integrated management of quality and environmental protection.

The Management of Botiquin SANS, SL review this policy to ensure its continuing suitability and propose objectives and achievable goals for deployment, in order to constantly improve the Integrated Management System implemented.

It is the responsibility of the entire organization of Botiquin SANS, SL compliance with the provisions of the Integrated Management System.

Management Team