Small Boxes

Small box kits, designed to be easily transported. Designed to take care of the small wounds and injuries suffered during a travel.

It's always better to have a mini kit, or a complete car kit in our daily trips. 

Botiquín para coche BSC (DIN 13164)

Car first aid kit BSC (DIN 13164)

Botiquín de plástico inyectado en color gris, con acabado brillante, Doble cierre a presión que garantiza que no se abra mediante el transporte. Diseñado especialmente tanto por tamaño y contenido para automóvil. Contenido diseñado con material sanitario en presentaciones monodosis y enfocado para llevar a cualquier sitio por su diseño compacto y transportable. 

17,60€ (VAT inc.)
Mini botiquín IBOT

Mini first aid kit IBOT

First Aid Kit made of injected plastic, with satin finish in white or red. Compact and portable design, though to be easily transported.

3,08€ (VAT inc.)
Manta de fibra de vidrio apagafuegos

Fire Blanket made of fiberglass

Fire blanket made ​​of lightweight and flexible fiberglass. The fabric and the yarn used for manufacturing are composed of materials classified as incombustible (M-0). Used to extinguish small fires or as a system of body protection in case of fire.

9,97€ (VAT inc.)