Watertight bags

First aid kits in waterproof bags with zipper closure, to be able to reuse them once opened.

Botiquín balsa salvavidas (zona 3 y 4)

Liferaft and lifeboats kit (zone 3 and 4)

First Aid Kit made of injected plastic (polypropylene) with matte finish and non-slip surface. Specially designed for the naval sector. Content in accordance with regulations for recreational boats of Zone 3 (up to 25 milles) and Zone 4 (up to 12 milles).

51,74€ (VAT inc.)
Category C para balsas y botes salvavidas

Category C first aid kit for life rafts and lifeboats

First aid kit for life rafts and lifeboats for vessels flying the Eropean Flag. 

Content according to the European Decree 92/29 EEC.

Complies with the Convention of 1938 from the International Convention for the minimum safety and health requirements for improved medical treatment on board vessels 1974 and MSN 1768 (M + F).

Has the Lloyd's Register and the UK MCA Register.   


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