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Top Sales First Aid Kits

Botiquín de pared BSE

Botiquín de pared BSE

First Aid Cabinet made of injected plastic, with wall hanging, in fine and gloss finish.

26,18€ (IVA inc.)
Botiquín Maletín mediano BSE

Botiquín Maletín mediano BSE

First Aid Kit made of injected plastic (polypropylene) with matte finish and non-slip surface, together with a fine and gloss central part,  specially design to customize the kit with a label or serigraphy.

14,38€ (IVA inc.)
Botiquín tipo C BOTES (Zona 1 y 2)

Botiquín tipo C BOTES (Zona 1 y 2)

Rigid and resistant First Aid Kit in orange, with matte finish and non-slip surface. Specially designed for the naval sector. Content in accordance with regulation for vessels with contracted crew for navigation up to 10 miles offshore and lifeboats. Also applies to boats Zone 1 (unlimited Navigation) and Zone 2 (up to 60 miles).

106,92€ (IVA inc.)